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Ever feel frustrated by the limitations of your favourite social media site to post, share and consume the content in a way more customised and personalised to YOU?

Or what about those occasions when a friend or family member isn’t on the same social media website as you? It can be a complex, frustrating process sharing something with them unless they’ve got an account as well. They may not be able to or want to sign-up for their own account.

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The IndieWeb community is made up of members who, in many cases, share these frustrations. By themselves or with the help of existing community members they’ve setup their own websites.

But I don’t want to cancel my social media account, it’s where all my friends are?

The IndieWeb community has worked on technologies such as Bridgy to support syndicating a copy of what you publish on your own site first to other places including places like Facebook and Twitter. The result: you don’t need to worry anyone’s missing out on what you post regardless of which social media website they use!

Isn’t getting your website a lot of work/expense?

Starting your own website can seem like a lot of expense and work keeping it updated, organising a suitable place to host it and finding a content management system that’s secure but easy to setup and use.

Whilst this can put many off ever setting up their own website, the end result is that you get to do a whole lot more with your content in the long term. When social media websites shutdown or get acquired by other companies your precious personal content such as blog posts, photos and messages can be lost all too easily.

The question to ask yourself is...
Will setting up my own website be worth the effort in return for greater control over the content I publish and share and on the web?

All this sounds a bit techy for me?

The IndieWeb movement welcomes you to join our community and get started with your own website and taking control of your presence on the World Wide Web. People come to our community from with a variety of expectations, experiences and perspectives which all helps it to become a much more diverse and interesting community to be part of.

If there’s something you struggle with or feel is preventing you from taking the next steps in having your own website and having the means to public and share your own content then there are community members here to help. Your insight or recommendations can also be very valuable to the community as a whole.

Where to get started?

Introducing IndieWeb has put together a collection of guides to take you through the process of having your own website and everything else going forward.

Introducing the IndieWeb Guides »

Learn about IndieWeb Building Blocks

This half-hour talk given by Jeremy Keith at View Source 2017 provides an overview of why the IndieWeb movement exists and getting started with IndieWeb Building Blocks.