A static site generator based on JavaScript where pages and posts can be generated with any kind of templating engine of the user's choosing.

1. Overview

Like other static site generators the learning curve for Eleventy assumes prior experience of writing HTML. You can get started building a site with Eleventy either from scratch or using an example.

2. Eleventy and the IndieWeb

There's a choice depending on you abilities and experience for putting together a website with Eleventy.

  • Max Böck developed his website using Eleventy which is built in-line with the principles of the IndieWeb. Take a look the code for his website on GitHub.
  • Phil Hawksworth developed this lightweight starter build for Eleventy. If you're looking to learn about IndieWeb principles first, and then add them to your website afterwards, then you might find this scaffold more suitable.
  • Eleventy if you're building your website from scratch or looking to move over from an existing website then download or clone the Eleventy build from GitHub

3. Syndicating content with Eleventy

If you're looking to reach a wider audience from your Eleventy site and interact with users on platforms like Twitter then there are some ways to achieve this without need your own server-side technologies.

Max Böck has put together an article on doing eactly this on Static Indieweb pt1: Syndicating Content using Netlify as his host. Netlify is one of a few hosting options for Eleventy, and other static generated websites, to offer triggers for everytime you post something or want to pull in responses to your posts.

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