An overview of Micropub

1. Overview

Micropub is a standard with the aim of having a common set of approaches for handling different types of content when they are created, updated and deleted on the web as well as through other devices or platforms. Such content might include blog posts, likes, replies and event attendance information.

Part of the reason why many prefer to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google is that they're interface is generally far better designed and optimised for users accessible on a range of devices and platforms. One of the aims of the Micropub standard is to address this problem on the decentralised web through making it easier to post to the web and interact with other users' content without needing to develop your own posting interface.

The Micropub standard specifies ways to handle content once it's been submitted from one source to another. The content is formed of common presentational standards typically known as Microformats which normally includes:

  • A post name/title
  • Description/overview of the content
  • The main content
  • URL path - address of either the source of content or its target

See our guide to Implementing Micropub to see which kind of approach best matches your website's setup.

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