The most popular CMS for content management and publishing

1. Overview

WordPress is a highly popular CMS ideal if you're looking to start a self-hosted website using a download from WordPress.org or installed via tools in your hosting provider.

2. Security and spam

As with all website configurations there are important considerations to make about its level of vulnerabilities to attacks and spam. Because WordPress is so popular as a CMS this makes it a popular target for attacks which you should protect against with changes to the CMS itself. This can include installing security plugins for WordPress and checking with your host for updates as well as if it has a comprehensive firewall active; covering all ports of entry.

3. IndieWeb Plugins for WordPress

  • The IndieWeb Plugin An excellent starter plugin for setting up your WordPress site with features to display, send and receive content with IndieWeb technologies. It includes options to support basic Microformats markup and functionality for syndicating posts, likes and replies to your profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Micropub Plugin You may want to have an alternative posting interface or platform to write content for your website which is where this plugin helps out. The Micropub Plugin supports a range of advanced options to add support for Micropub on your site.

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