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Guide 2

What's IndieWeb about?

The IndieWeb is a community with a shared interest and active involvement in owning, sharing and controlling what they publish on the web.

You may already have a website or have had one in the past which you either host yourself or can manage through shared hosting. Taking the next steps in embracing IndieWeb principles you could start by trying out one or more of the following features:

  • IndieAuth

    Sign in to comment on other websites with your own domain using a web standard called IndieAuth.

  • Microformats

    Enhance and improve the way your website's content can be recognised by search engines as well as aggregated data feeds and other digital platforms by using.

  • Webmentions

    Implement Webmentions on your website so that you can communicate with others over the web: being able to both send and receive likes, shares, comments and other kinds responses.